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Mixology Magic!

Ice Ball Mold

Professional-Grade 2.5 Inch Commercial Ice Ball Maker

The Ice Ball Mold that keeps your drinks cooler far longer than traditional ice cubes





     1.    the refined art and craft of mixing drinks.


You’ve discovered the secret of top bartenders and mixologists everywhere: Ice Sphere Tech’s ice ball molds—where form meets function, for all of your drinks!

Regular ice melts too quickly—resulting in watered-down, disappointing finishes. Ice ball spheres make your drinks last longer (typically about an hour), so your first sip tastes as good as the last.

These sophisticated spheres add style and full flavor to all your drinks. A must-have for scotch, whiskey, bourbon, tequila and vodka aficionados. Great for all cocktails and perfect for entertaining, these clever globes always draw a crowd around the bar!



Ice Cubes have thin edges that melt off fast first shrinking them


  Saves more room in the freezer Over Tovolo brand on Amazon


Tovolo has the plastic molding that makes round ice stick to it and grip


We have 100% pure silicone mold for No sticking problems


 The very shape of ice cubes is thin making them water down drinks fast


Our ice balls are 1 size smaller than a tennis ball


 Includes 3 FDA-approved silicone molds, making 3 ice spheres


  Sturdy-yet-flexible mold releases cleanly and easily perfect 2.5? ice spheres


 BPA (bisphenol A)-Free because it is made from food grade silicone


  Dishwasher safe


           Oven Safe up to 446 degrees


  Leak-proof seal


  Great for restaurants, bars and home entertaining


  Great gift idea!


Bring the Refined Art of Mixing Drinks into Your Home


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  $29.97  $19.77

 (Hurry… your cocktails are waiting. Cheers!)

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  • Andris
    October 25, 2015

    Very much like the spheres. The no problem that I have is seeing where the max line is. It would help if the top section was a little more translucent.


    • Ice Sphere Tech
      October 25, 2015

      We agree so I will make the fill line black with next run of Ice Sphere Tech, I think you have a good idea.

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