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When it comes to making the perfect drink, the ice matters more than you would imagine. If you talk to a bartender who is passionate about his craft, he can engage you for hours with his take on cracked ice, crushed ice, double frozen and many more variations of the simple ice cube. But talk about the ice ball and any bartender will agree that it is indeed the perfect way to cool your drink without diluting it. Why? Well, there are several reasons why it makes your drink quite so ‘cool’. It is for all these reasons that our customers love our Ice Sphere Tech’s ice ball maker!science of ice 

A Scientific Approach to the Art of Creating the Perfect Drink


It is not wrong to say that the ice ball is the best example of how science comes into play even at your favorite bar. No matter what your choice of liquid refreshment is, whether you prefer bourbon, whiskey, scotch or cocktails, the drink tastes its best only when it is cooled to perfection. With the traditional ice cubes or ice chips, your drink often ends up over cooled or it is diluted from the melting ice, impairing the taste. But not when you use our revolutionary concept of ice balls– perfectly designed to keep your favorite drink at the right temperature for a much longer time so that you can savor it at your pace.


Ice Sphere Tech’s Ice Ball Mold- Where Form Meets Function


Where form and function meet, there is a product that is designed to perfection. And this is the case with Ice Sphere Tech’s ice ball mold too. There are many reasons why our ice ball maker has the fantastic reputation and glowing customer reviews that puts it in the lead.


Take Home a Product with Uncompromising Quality…


Right from the design stage, our focus has been on developing a product that can give you years and years of reliable use. The Ice Sphere ice ball maker is guaranteed to be resilient so that you can go on making the perfect drinks at every party you host. Built to last and to sustain frequent use, our ice ball maker is the perfect addition to your kitchen or drinks cabinet.


Our FDA approved, BPA free silicone triple molds are perfectly safe for you to use for years to come. We know that you would love to use these ice ball molds every day to enhance the flavor of your tequilas, vodkas, whiskeys and cocktails. That’s why we give you this tried and tested, high quality food grade triple ice ball maker that can easily be washed in your dishwasher. Now you will see these cool ice globes attract all the crowd to the bar that every party you host!!


Utmost Simplicity in Design


Everyone of you has probably spent hard earned dollars on products bought off the internet that have not even lasted one full day. We are happy to assure you that Ice Sphere Tech’s Ice Ball Maker will NOT join that list!!! We have spent many hours on designing this product so that it is simplistic and easy to handle while allowing you to repeatedly use it with no risk of breakage. In these sturdy flexible 2.5 inch molds, we have done away with the plastic molding that some of our competitors’ products have. It is because of this unique design that you will never have any trouble getting the frozen balls out of the mold quickly, efficiently and without compromising the perfect spherical shape. The leak proof seal makes sure that you don’t have any dripping problems while transporting the newly filled triple molds to your freezer when you are getting ready for your party.


These oven safe (up to 446 degrees) ice ball molds are the perfect gift for you to give your loved ones, they are ideal for use at restaurants and bars that believe in giving their customers the very best there is too!!


Interested in selling this amazing product wholesale? Let’s talk about it over phone, email, Google Places or in person, whichever is convenient for you. I can assure you of great pricing whether you want to sell my Ice Ball Maker whole sale or retail, say in a liqueur store.


Our Long Journey to Find PerfectionPhone Number


The Ice Sphere Tech Ice Ball maker has endured a long journey before it attained the perfection that you see in it today. Back at the production stage, we had a clear idea of what we wanted this product to be but we could not locate a manufacturer within the U.S. to create it for us. So, we simply looked everywhere else until we found the people who could make it for us at the affordable price that we wanted to offer our customers. Our team went to China, worked hard with the artisans there, getting them to deliver a product with the high quality we desired. The process was long winded and expensive but we know that this highly functional, aesthetically designed and convenient product makes it all worthwhile. We will continue to give you many more such products in the future too.


Do you Live in Massachusetts? You Can Get your Ice Ball Maker from me Personally!


If you live in Massachusetts, you can collect your very own Ice Sphere Tech ice ball maker personally from me at my home. As of now we only sell this product through Amazon where we get the freedom to do our business with our customers our way. So buy your ice ball maker from the business friendly Amazon website right away or drop in to my home to buy one today.


Thank you for Respecting our Trademark and Design Patent Rights

Registered Government Trademark


We thank all our responsible buyers/ viewers for respecting the Ice Sphere Tech Ice Ball maker’s trademark rights and design patent rights. Trade marking is a complicated and expensive process but we are willing to invest in it to protect the creativity, the hard work and the years of research that have gone into making the Ice Sphere Tech Ice Ball maker such a useful, reliable product. We will be filing for trademark and design patent soon and we want all our readers and buyers to know that you can use the content on this site and my product name with my consent only.


Feel free to ask me if you can borrow pictures or talk about my product on your own websites but please do not use them without permission. We have been in the unfortunate position of taking legal action against unscrupulous people who have copied our design and brand name for their own products and we will take all necessary action to avoid similar incidents in future.



Ice Sphere Tech  ™ ®

Trademark Government Serial Number 86194647

Government Copyright Number Copyright Office 1-1195778791

Warning Do Not Copy Our Product Design Images Or Logo! All Rights Reserved


Ice Sphere Tech Logo

Leave a recorded message only at the above number.

Po Bo 534


North Uxbridge, Ma 01538Triple Ice Ball Mold

We develop high quality ice molds to last longer and are simple to use. Quality is first on our mind when developing something new for today’s consumers.

We know that trust is something that needs to be earned through great products and communication, not cheap crap. I hate cheap crap products and they make me very angry just being out in stores all around us. We are breaking this trend with this new Ice Mold that will last for years and not just a few months.

We believe when something lasts for years people tend to just love it. We couldn’t find a US manufacturer for this type of product which is unfortunate. So we had to go into China and learn how to have them make a higher quality product. China will not give you quality first and you have to teach them how to build it to make it last a long time. It is a long and expensive process but in the end you can have something great. Look for other new or improved products that people love and are of the highest quality in the future.

If you have real suggestions on how to make this ice ball set better talk to us at 1-774-481-1165. If we are not there leave your message please.

Also if you are not a spammer that leaves messages that no one can read? leave your comment under this page. If you are a spammer don’t bother leaving messages no one will ever read, we delete those fast and block you forever. Spammers just are LAZY and they get LAZY results, please don’t spam my website.

Please contact me if you are in the Massachusetts area to buy this ice ball mold from me personally at my home. Stores are very hard to get any product into and requires a ton of difficult things in order to display your product. It is very hard to put this ice ball maker in Walmart for an example as they dictate to you the rules. I will offer this mold in stores when the time is right for me not them, but until then Amazon will have it Only as they are business friendly.

If you are interested in selling whole sale of this trademark registered product just use the contact form. We will talk private about this on the phone, email, Google places in person or all of these methods. I will give you a great deal if you want to sell retail in say a liqueur store

I decided to trademark register this product to avoid others who simply steal my hard work for no costs to them. Trademark website is very complicated and expensive to accomplish as is any government or state programs. Government and state make everyone’s life much harder with all their needless bureaucracy. These things need to be a ton simpler to do and on top of the expense is they waste tons of time doing anything for you. Trademark can take 6 months to a year to have your trademark number? They don’t refund if anything is wrong with your application, you start over again and pay again. TEAS form is currently $325 but you will most likely need a lawyer to do this for you for about $500 more. Here is their web address, http://www.uspto.gov/trademarks/basics/online_filing.jsp Good Luck!

I will have my official trademark number soon as I hired a lawyer to do this as I didn’t want any trouble with the application form. If you feel uncomfortable with the process just hire a lawyer which is highly recommended. Government websites are a huge mess I tell you leave feedback telling them all to make things a ton more simpler. Protect your product from others who will steal your design and pictures with all your content and videos. When you are trademarked they have to pay a huge fine and deal with the Government as well, good luck to you. Don’t use anything from this website without asking me the owner. I am a nice person but if you take my hard work away and use it anywhere without permission from me you will be prosecuted. I spent a year of my life working on this each day without stopping. Making up press releases, videos, articles, websites, Facebook page, and links to other websites along with tons of other things.  The work never ends it is on going and that is the reason product owners must trademark for government protections. The fines are 6 figures if found guilty of copying the design, images or any part of my product in any way. I am putting this here for education since some stupid people still think it is okay to use company images, pictures or any intellectual property. Don’t do it if caught you can lose everything be warned.

Amazon permanently banned the seller The Oz Code for deceptive business practice and intellectual property violation along with trademark infringement which is a federal crime. Here is the page of this violator, http://www.amazon.com/SaBuy-Ice-Ball-Maker-Guarantee/dp/B00GLZBQKQ/ . Do your research before copying other products and using their images it could land you in federal court soon. I filled for trademark and it is pending plus this takes 6 months to a year to complete and is very costly. I am going to file for a design patent as well since this guy Sabuy came along and tried to piggy pack off ALL MY MONTHS OF WORK. I will not let this happen again and will be protected by the federal government from now on. His listing is permanently gone and you can see what Amazon does and what it looks like when you get banned for life.

WARNING! Frank Turner On Amazon Guilty For Copyright/Trademark Infringement Against Us, See Below

Amazon Listing Shut Off Here, http://www.amazon.com/SaBuy-Ice-Ball-Maker-Guarantee/dp/B00GLZBQKQ/

This Listing Is Deleted Here, http://www.amazon.com/Best-Ice-Ball-Mold-Whiskey/dp/B00I9IGRC0

I didn’t want or like doing this to him. I spent months of my life on this and can’t have others copy my success for free. He should have contacted me to work anything out. I could have given him wholesale prices, we could have partnered if it was a good fit. He didn’t do his research right. I am sorry Amazon banned him I was just looking for the 1 item off Amazon but they have the power to do what is right. He got his product deleted off Amazon for trademark/copyright infringement.

I will leave a link to his offers so everyone stays away from this guy he is not an honest person, the oz code 

Stay away from his products and don’t purchase anything he sells his is dishonest and will rip you off with low quality product and has fake reviews. His real name is Frank Turner , his Youtube channel is , https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJvqwQrJEQRuvG4yC64Eqyw



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